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Drew Carey Is No Bob Barker
Groggy, and most likely from obscene amounts of liquor, I pulled myself out of bed around quarter-past-eleven in the morning. Coffee was needed, and as it was brewing I decided to catch up on my Price Is Right.

Something seemed off. Most of it looked the same. The crowd; Those yellow name tags; It all even sounded like another day on the set of CBS Studios. I started to wonder if I'd already missed out on the yodelling mountain climber.

Just as my coffee finished brewing, something caught my eyes that took my hangover to a whole new level. Sure, the tiny microphone was familiar... and that suit was the same... but that sure as fuck wasn't Bob Barker mini-putting away on Hole-In-One-Or-Two.

I then remembered hearing about how Drew Carey would be taking over hosting duties after The Barkman retired. I just never thought I'd be alive to actually see it.
I was stunned.
I had lost all feeling and couldn't move. Try as I might, I couldn't even blink.

I soon discovered that my frozen state was due to Drew Carey's horribly boring attempt at hosting a gameshow. Could anyone be any more monotone?

Call me prejudiced. After all, I never liked The Drew Carey Show. I cringed when he took over as host of Whose Line Is It Anyway? from Clive Anderson. And I won't even watch that one episode of Lois & Clark with him in it. Drew Carey just looks like he needs a punch in the face. Well, I shouldn't say that. I'm sure he's a really good guy, and a nice person, and maybe he even has a really cute kitten. I don't know.

I just allofasudden really miss the ladies man that was Bob Barker. Remember when he beat up Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore? Remember when he made all those putts in the aforementioned Hole-In-One-Or-Two? Remember that time he found the cure for AIDS? Okay, so that last one didn't really happen, but fuck, if he would've stayed on The Price Is Right for just one more season it might've happened. We can only dream now.

I heard that John Stamos was in the running for The Price Is Right gig. Now that would've been truly awesome.
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